The First Timer Guide To Flying During Holidays

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IS it your first time traveling? It’s okay, relax. We’re here to help you out ! We’ve got some airport travel tips from the experts over you out at that will help improve your flying experience.

Make a checklist and check it twice. Before any trip, it’s important to make a check list of essential items like chargers for electronic devices or prescription medications. It’s easy to forget the items you use every day and you don;t want to spend your trip seeking replacements. Add to your list a portable battery charger with a USB connector as back up to your back up.

Know your emergency contacts. Email your self a copy of your emergency contact info where it’s easily accessible. Don’t rely solely on your cell phone contact list.

Bring digital and hard copies of identification cards and papers. It’s good to have a printed copy of your passport information page showing your picture and digitally in your email or a flash drive as well. in addition, other important items to keep copies of are visas, front and back of credit cards and health insurance information.

Send someone a copy of your itinerary. It’s always good for a person that’s not traveling with you to be aware of where you’ll be and other relevant info like flight, hotels, and travel dates.

Check-in online. Airlines generally allow passengers to check in online 24 hours in advance, with a cutoff of couple of hours before boarding time. So make you’ve checked in well before you’re set to head to the airport. Have your boarding pass, paper or digital version, within easy reach, along with your ID, to save time as you approach the security check point.

Leave early. From traffic that may be heavier than usual and hard-to-find parking spots, to longer lines for security screenings, you’ll ease your stress if you give yourself extra wiggle room in your schedule, whether traveling by train, plane or automobile. Arrive at the airport 90 minutes prior to departure for domestic flights and three hours before international flight.

It may get a boring if you’re waiting around an airport but it’s better than stressing out and starting your trip on a bad note.

Double check your baggage. Overload space will be at a premium during the holiday travel season, especially as people bring gifts for friends and family or return to home with gifts they’ve received. So when preparing to pack your bags , it’s crucial to check in advance whether your luggage meets the airline’s size and weight restrictions for checked baggage carry-ons.

Save gift wrapping for latter. Speaking of gifts, wrapped packages are screened like any other item. So, to allow for an easy transition to the gate, carry your gifts unwrapped through security. Consider packing pre-cut paper and a small roll of tape so you can wrap them after you pass through security or when you reach your destination. or, better yet, buy wrapping paper upon arrival.

Keep 3-1-1 in minds, Most airports allow each passenger one quart-size bag of liquids and gels, including toothpaste, gel deodorant, and lotions. each of them must be 3,4 ounces or less. Medication, infant formula and juices or infants or toddlers are extemt from the rule, but keep them separate from the items in your one quart bag.

Be prepares to take laptops out and shoes off. These rules don’t always apply but make your life easier and just plan for it. Laptop and tablets usually need to be removed from your luggage and submitted separately for screening. You might also have to place your shoes and belt in plastic bin that goes through X-ray screening. While you’re at it, remove any metal jewelry or accessories.

Label prescription meditation. in addition to packing enough prescription to last your entire trip, bring extra in case you come home latter. Keep your meditations in their original labeled containers, then place in a clear plastic bag. you can also carry a smaller pill box to carry in your purse for easy access. Never check your prescription medication.

Keep valid identification at hand. Children under 18 are not required to provide identification when traveling with a companion, but passenger age 18 and older must show valid ID at the airport security check point. For international trips make sure your passport has at least six blank pages and will not expire before the end of your trip for domestic travels, make sure your id is valid.

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